Laya Laasya Lahari –International Annual  Classical Dance and Music Festival

A festival of art and culture bringing together art forms and artists across boundaries. One of its kind Laya Laasya Lahari- An International Classical Dance and Music Festival organised by Kala Sampada every year to promote Indian and International traditional performing art forms The festival includes performances by senior and established artists from all over India and abroad. On this occasion Kala Sampada also takes pride to distribute Kala Sampada awards to honour eminent artists who have contributed to art and society.

Gnana Vani

Workshop series called Gnana Vani are conducted by Kala Sampada where in students get to learn from other experienced gurus in the fields of art. Workshop initiative aims to bring in a holistic development in every student to provide different shades, dimensions and perspective of Indain  art forms which enables a student to further enhances the skills of creative expression.

Kala Pradarshan

Every art form is unique with its own identity and beauty. Kala Sampada primarily focuses on Bharatanatyam brings opportunity for students and community to get a flavour and experience of other art forms. Theatre, puppetry, kathakali, photography, painting, sculpture have been explored and more are in store. Artists proficient in their respective art forms are invited not only present their art but also to interact with onlookers and share their journey and experience with niche audience.

Kala Utsava

A celebration much awaited by all students is Kala Utsava – An annual celebration of Dance and Music. Every willing student of Kala Sampada is given a platform to showcase the learning procured throughout the year from the classes. Students shed inhibitions like shyness, stage fear, and begin to learn the art of presenting the performing art.

Guru Vandana

Guru Poornima a day to remember our Guru and seek blessings from them. This day is celebrated as  Guru Vandana in  Kala Sampada every year. The students pay their respect to Gurus and seek their blessings.  A talk on Guru Shishya Parampara by Eminent persons is organised as part of the event.